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Classic Estate Sales DFW

Partners with our client to perform estate sales/liquidations, moving sales and appraisals to meet our client’s needs. We specialize in medium to large estate sales. We have 25 plus years combined experience in the estate industry with specialties in areas such as Asian, art, tools, toys, music, jewelry, books as well as many more and team with other specialist giving us vast resources to call upon to meet our customers/clients needs. Our goal is to partner with our clients to provide optimum return for our clients and their Estate or Appraisal for a smooth, pleasant profitable experience with the up most integrity.

We follow these processes which help lead to a successful sale:

Walk Through Contract Signing

We walk through the property with the client and discuss their needs desires and identify key significant items. Identify and establish dates. Our goal is to identify the clients needs and align our goals. Identify any local rules, regulations or restriction to holding a sale in this location.



The goal of staging is to change the home from a living space to a space more conducive to sales by cleaning out drawers, closets and storage areas, arranging furniture to show it off.  Staging will consist of using all available surfaces for display of merchandise. Additional tables, display cases, clothing racks and shelving if needed will be provided from our inventory. We will also identify any areas of safety concerns such as swimming pools, stairs and other possible safety concerns. In the case of high value items, jewelry, furs, high end purses and clothes or small items will be moved into security zones so extra protection can be provided.


All items values are determined and priced by our staff. Items that may need additional research and or outside expertise, we will contact our partners/experts who specialize in that area for their input. Our clients will be consulted to identify when, where and how much and item costs and any written proof of authenticity.

Notification of Sale to the Public

We will notify our extensive customer base of the sale by using our email system with dates, location, pictures and description. A mass emailing insures our dedicated customers are aware of the sale for their personal knowledge and enjoyment. We also use facebook and Estate Sale Websites, locally and nationally to insure as wide as possible notification of the upcoming sale. On the day of the sale signs will be posted in the area to insure the most participation as possible. (Local rules or regulations may restrict signage.) Along with our dedicated customers, antique and art dealers, your neighbors are a significant part of any sales success. As such we hand out flyers in the neighborhood in the days leading up to the sale. This will also prepare them for any additional traffic the sale may generate.


Our sales are conducted by experienced estate sales staff and conducted in a professional manner. Based on our extensive experience we will staff the sale with proper staffing based on the size of the sale to make the sale a satisfying experience for the customer and to insure security and safety during the sale. Our goal is to sell as much as possible while insuring the security and safety.

Additional Safety and Security

We strive to provide safety and security of our Clients inventory and property. This includes the secured handling of jewelry, art, high value items and of course the contents of the sale in general. Based on our experience we may elect to provide up to one off duty police officer. If the customer requests additional security it can be discussed and included at the customers expense.


We accept all major credit cards and cash. On request copies of receipts will be provided to our Client and settlement with our Client will take place within 10 to 15 working days after completion of sale.

Charity and Disposal of Unsold Items

Our goal is to sell all of the Clients items but there will be unsold items at the end of most sales.  When we complete the sale any unsold items will be neatly organized so the Client can decide how they prefer to dispose of the remainder. We can recommend and help the Client contact them.

A detailed explanation of the above items can be reviewed by clicking on the links located on this page titled:

“Estate Sales Contract and What You Need To Know.”

Your may contact us by calling 972-519-0066 for additional details or questions you may have.