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Norbert Hernandez

Native Texas - Born in El Paso, Texas

Bilingual: Spanish and English, some German

Education: Attended University of Texas at El Paso, BA Economics with Masters in Economics.



  • Norbert worked with one of the largest estate sale companies in the DFW area for 24 years participating in the set up, pricing, working, selling at the actual sell and the final accounting summary of the sale for the client including detailed listing of the sales results.


  • He was involved in the Nancy Hamlin/Dallas Art Museum Estate Sale from set up, pricing, working and handling the accountant receivables for the Sale and the Art Museum. 


  • Norbert was involved in the Tex Murtchinson sale and many other large Dallas area estate sales
  • His areas of expertise consist of: Collectables, High End Glass, Antique Toys, every day house hold contents.
  • His 24 years of working Estate Sales has helped in developing a sold appraisal base for the valuables in any Estate Sale.
  • He has access to many experts for areas that are specialized in areas of value beyond his expertise.
  • He is a prior member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). Serving one year as the President of the local Society. 


  • Knowledgeable, professional, integrity and working hard for your family and Estate are my greatest strengths to maximize your Estate‚Äôs value.